Christine Schimpf

Christian Romance Author

Reviews for Nick, The Journey of a Lifetime

"NICK, The Journey of a Lifetime, not only is a well thought out book, but it is packed full of action, adventure and excitement which gives the reader a fascinating perspective of the Danube Swabian people and the plight they endured.

As the pages turn one not only gets to know the courageous Nick but also feels as if they are right there next to him with every twist and turn. From the first page on, CHRISTINE SCHIMPF engages the reader with the life events of Nick and Theresa. She tells the story of Nick with simple charm under unimaginable circumstances that is highly engaging."

-Darlene Fuchs, German-American Journal


"FOLLOW NICK and Theresa through the trials and hardship and war, across a vast ocean to make a new start in America, and finally to build a thriving business from nothing but their skill, hard work and determination. Based on a true story, theirs is a tale of how love and family can be the strength that will carry them through anything.

CHRISTINE SCHIMPF paints a vivid picture of war-torn Europe and two people, whose love for each other and their family is their strength. She writes with a GENTLE, LYRICAL VOICE that will grip you in moments of tension and soothe you in moments of joy. This is a story that will make you feel as if you are living Nick and Theresa's lives right along with them and will keep you in their steady embrace until the very end."

-D.L. Marriott, Author Souljourner, Finding Hope


Reviews for The Ticket

I read your delightful account of Margaret's "journey". The combination of search for maturity, coupled with faith, family bonds and the elements of youthful friendship kept me reading to the end. What I appreciated was the short epilogue. No drawn-out conclusions.

I'm not a writer but a READER. This THE TICKET reads  well. Keep up you own journey. I would recommend for young "history buffs", any young person past ten years of age and some of the elders who would rather hold on to their children too long. -A Franciscan Sister