Christine Schimpf

Christian Romance Author

        A Christmas Kind of Perfect


Conrad Hamilton thought his life would be easy. A great job running his own construction business. Living in his hometown in Door County, Wisconsin with Lila Clark by his side. He'd planned to marry her as soon as she returned from her Chicago internship, but it never happened.

Lila never expected to become a successful writer nor did she plan to spend years in New York. But she did.

Can the magic of Christmas turn two hearts back to one another again, or is it too late to capture that special kind of perfect?


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            Nick, The Journey of a Lifetime



The music inside the gasthaus thumped strongly and mingled with the chatter, laughter, and gaiety from within. Nick moved quickly down the cobblestone street toward the gates that would let him in. He was young, strong, and confident. Working as an apprentice allowed the coins in his pocket to jingle. He felt good. He earned this.

He narrowed his eyes and squinted through the wooden planks at the locked gate. A feeling of isolation settled in as he gazed at the party he so much wanted to join.  In order to get in, he knew he would have to pay the price. Even though he wasn’t quite old enough, he knew the older boys who guarded the gate would let him in for the price of a few wine tokens.

"Hey Russ,” sneered Jacob, one of the older boys, “where do you think you're going?"

Nick snapped his head in Jacob’s direction, "Where do you think?” he asked, “like everybody else, I want to go in."

"Oh, yeah, well, you’re going to have to pay up then." Jacob thrust his sweaty palm toward Nick for payment.

Nick placed three wine tokens that he had managed to pilfer at his Uncle Philip’s, into Jacob’s fleshy open hand. He pushed the entrance gate open, and let himself in.

“Thanks party boy,” Jacob sneered, “see you next time.” A loud roar of laughter broke out among the older boys.

Nick turned toward the light that reflected in the shiny brass instruments piping out the familiar tunes. The dry, musty scent of burning wood chips for the spanferkel planned for later made his mouth water. The afternoon was warm. A light, wispy breeze swept across the crowd, and caused welcomed sighs of relief from the exhausted dancers.

Nick loved the dances held at the local gasthaus and tried not to miss many, even if it meant a day’s journey from his job in the neighboring village. The dances were a part of a pre-Lenten celebration in the spring and ended during harvest season. The afternoon dances brought the village Germans together in a pleasant social setting. Nick was surrounded by laughing, dancing villagers, yet he moved swiftly through the crowd. He smiled at some, nodded at others, and made his way toward his favorite girl.


 I know you'll enjoying reading the rest of Nick, The Journey of a Lifetime. 

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                                         The Ticket



If you have an opportunity to give rather than to receive, fight human nature, and give.


Margaret ran a slender finger along the edge of the ticket. Pleased with what she’d accomplished, she smiled. In two weeks, she’d sail on the liner that everyone in Belfast was talking about—the Titanic.

She’d won the approval of her parents to journey as one of eighteen stewardesses, which was no easy feat. She recalled the lines that etched Mum’s face when she told her she wanted to apply for one of the positions. It was Papa who granted her the permission she needed. In exchange, she’d promised both of her parents and Joseph, that upon her return, she’d marry and settle down.

Joseph, she breathed. Just saying his name brought a smile to her face. Delicious warmth spread deep inside all the way to her very fingertips as she thought of him. Yet, uncertainty about everything hung in the air creating a tightrope. It would be tempting to be in New York with all of its opportunities in retail. Joseph had told her she had a natural talent when it came to merchandising, and she’d proven herself at the store, especially her work on the display window to attract Titanic’s passengers. Even she was beginning to believe she possessed a marketable talent in the industry.

She ran her fingers across the words, “Permission Granted to Board R.M.S. Titanic.” Her breath caught. She could hardly wait.

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